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Bank of America Increasing Fees!

By Mark Quann Bank of America Increasing Fees! First of all, it is pretty disgusting to me that I posted just yesterday about an executive at Wells Fargo making $200 million dollars (a stock price increase) as Wells Fargo committed massive personal fraud opening millions of bank accounts and credit cards, without the authorization of their customers. And yet again, no bankers […]

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Bill Maher hates abusive relationships, and everything and everyone else?

Yes, you may get offended. In fact, I think that American stand-up comedian, television host, political commentator, author and actor Bill Maher has offended almost everyone in America. And, in time, I think it is possible that he could eventually offend everyone else…? Of course, I resorted to Google to find the answer to my question. My first search was to find out who Bill Maher actually likes. I soon become a fan when […]

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Cast your vote: “Everyday is Bank Transfer Day”

Bank Transfer Day was November 5th 2011. And yesterday alone, 1,000’s of Americans left big banking. Today, 1,000’s more will leave. And tomorrow 1,000’s more Americans will leave big banking…many of them for good. Both Conservatives and Liberals are leaving too. It is good to see that this is one issue we can all agree upon. Even Sandy Weill, former Chairman (and creator) of Citigroup is abandoning big banking. Weill commented, “There is such a feeling among people, […]

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Help Strengthen the Bank Transfer Day Campaign

Have you heard of Bank Transfer Day? The banks would hope that you never do so I feel it is my responsibility to tell you about it. It is only because of Facebook and other forms of social media that the banks are losing their grasp on middle American families. Real (non-bank) financial education is becoming freely available to all […]

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