Mark Quann

Mark QuannMark Quann has built a highly successful business helping thousands of individuals to step out of the bank-debt matrix and onto a path to financial independence.

Growing up in a lower middle class blue-collar family Mark witnessed his own parents struggle with a banking and investment system rigged against the average worker – and designed to produce a lifetime of debt and interest payments.

It took more than a few hard knocks and lot of education to shake off the bad financial habits and false information that were ingrained by the economic elite into generations of young people. But, as he found his own way, he also discovered a passion for educating others with correct financial principles. Today, Mark’s passion for helping others is growing into a movement to spread “real” financial education to the masses.

Mark works with community groups, schools and non-profits to teach people about money, investing and entrepreneurship. His upcoming book, Rich Man, Poor Bank, is written to make the case for taking your money away from the banks and credit card companies and supporting credit unions that work for their depositors and communities.

Mark Quann lives in Southern California.