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Oprah Interviews Donald Trump in 1988

Oprah interviews Donald Trump in 1988 (I was 11 years old) This is not a political blog. I have had posts about Elizabeth Warren and Bill Maher, both Democrats, and have quoted Ron Paul, a Libertarian in my book. I simply found this video fascinating–watching a young Oprah and Donald Trump discuss how America is being ripped off […]

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Mark Quann – Rich Man Poor Bank eBook: Gift it today to change a life!

By Mark Quann The reason I wrote Rich Man Poor Bank is that my parents advice of “go to the bank and open up a checking and savings account”, and get good credit was setting me up to fail financially. Today I believe we need to re-educate millions of Americans that have been spoonfed banking education rather than Rich […]

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Elizabeth Warren: Fraud at Wells Fargo

By Mark Quann Elizabeth Warren exposes fraud at Wells Fargo–while destroying a top Executive! As much as I love this video, this executive made 200 million dollars–while pressuring employees to “cross-sell” customers to push profits to Wall Street and no high level executives will be held accountable. This is just another case where a megabank can rob the American public, commit massive fraud, […]

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The Rich Man Poor Bank eBook!

Finished the Rich Man Poor Bank eBook! You can get it on Amazon for $6. Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/Rich-Poor-Bank-Mark-Quann-ebook/dp/B01I47MMG0 And if you enjoyed the book, please provide a review here: https://www.amazon.com/Rich-Poor-Bank-Mark-Quann-ebook/dp/B01I47MMG0#customerReviews Next I’ve got to complete the audio book! Thanks for all your support!  

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Dave Ramsey on Building Credit

Dave Ramsey on Building Credit I remember sitting at Wells Fargo to buy my first Condo. I had no credit score, at least in the US. I owed a bunch of money to Canadian credit card  companies and banks, but none to US banks. I had a good job and savings for a down payment, but no […]

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Mark Quann – Rich Man Poor Bank: It is just the beginning!

by Mark Quann It started 5 years ago, one finger tying at my local Starbucks. I didn’t know what it was going to be called. I’d never written a book before. The doubts of, “Can I really write a book” were present every second I sat down at my computer. Worse yet were the doubters. “No one […]

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Playground of Dreams: Help us Help At-Risk Youth in Los Angeles!

Playground of Dreams: Help us Help At-Risk Youth in Los Angeles! Currently the number of “at risk” youth in Los Angeles are growing. With 50 million Americans now living in poverty in the US alone, these numbers are likely to rise in the biggest cities, partially due to underpaid teachers, and underfunded and underperforming schools. This is one of the reasons that […]

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What if our government is run for the benefit of Big Banks and Big Government?

How much influence do big banks have on big government? I was recently told to watch a video called “Thrive” (2012) available on YouTube, or at wwww.thrivemovement.com.  The movie is interesting particularly when it relates to the history of money, debt, and it provides some possible solutions. It covers some of the topics in my book and I would highly recommend it for an […]

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Mark Quann – “Rich Man Poor Bank” Intro

By Mark Quann with Jeff Cohen INTRODUCTION I was born in 1977. Things were different then. The average cost of a house was around $49,000, and the average personal income was $15,000 a year. A gallon of gasoline was $0.60. The cost of living increased around 6.5% that year, (commonly known as inflation) and the […]

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Are you in debt? Learn to rethink your debt situation in these important videos

By Mark Quann If you are in debt, this first video can teach you how to rethink your debt situation and put it in the proper perspective.   Then learn a possible solution you can talk to your banker about. It seems to work for the government. It may work you you?   And on […]

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