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Bank of America Increasing Fees!

By Mark Quann Bank of America Increasing Fees! First of all, it is pretty disgusting to me that I posted just yesterday about an executive at Wells Fargo making $200 million dollars (a stock price increase) as Wells Fargo committed massive personal fraud opening millions of bank accounts and credit cards, without the authorization of their customers. And yet again, no bankers […]

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Elizabeth Warren: Fraud at Wells Fargo

By Mark Quann Elizabeth Warren exposes fraud at Wells Fargo–while destroying a top Executive! As much as I love this video, this executive made 200 million dollars–while pressuring employees to “cross-sell” customers to push profits to Wall Street and no high level executives will be held accountable. This is just another case where a megabank can rob the American public, commit massive fraud, […]

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Can we Sue the Federal Reserve?

By Mark Quann Can we sue the Federal Reserve? There is a saying on Wall Street: “Don’t School the Fool.” Basically, “keep ’em in the dark–financially uneducated so it is easier to steal more of their money.” I guess this blog is about “schooling the fool.” Fortunately, because of alternative forms of media and the internet, more Americans (and Canadians) […]

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Dave Ramsey on Building Credit

Dave Ramsey on Building Credit I remember sitting at Wells Fargo to buy my first Condo. I had no credit score, at least in the US. I owed a bunch of money to Canadian credit card  companies and banks, but none to US banks. I had a good job and savings for a down payment, but no […]

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Too Big to Fail: the Rise of Mega-Banks

By Mark Quann Too Big to Fail: The Rise of Mega-Banks As the mega-banks take up most of the market in the United States, you may recall when banks had many different names, paid a decent rate of return on your money, and weren’t hocking credit cards to their customers. Those were the good ol’ days–when banks did not help the launder […]

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Alternatives to ING Direct / Capital One 360

Alternatives to ING Direct / Capital One 360 I have a confession to make. I love to save money. However, saving money only became fun when I learned how to put my money hard at work for me. Unfortunately, millions of Americans only know how to put their money hard at work for the bank when […]

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Bank Scam #10: The Debt Matrix

by Mark Quann Bank Scam #10: The Debt Matrix I call the financial system built by the World Bankers, The Debt Matrix. Americans (and the rest of the world) plug into the Matrix when they are young—get hooked on debt—and many will remain in debt for life. The Matrix can be described in Bank Scams #1-9, with each scam being interdependent on one another. Bank Scam […]

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Bank Scam #9: Zero Percent Auto Loans

Bank Scam #9: Zero Percent Auto Loans Is a zero percent auto loan a good idea? Lets look at the numbers to find out. The average car payment in America is just under $400 a month. If a household has 2 car payments, that is $800 a month invested into rapidly depreciating assets. If that same household spends another $200 a month on random stuff at […]

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Bank Scam #8: CD Secured Loans

Bank Scam #8: CD Secured Loans If a good friend walked up to you one day and asked if they could borrow $10,000, and you had the extra money, you might say yes, right? But before you do you may ask, “Will you pay me any interest?” And more importantly, “How can you pay me back?” Your friend responds, “Well, I’m going to pay you […]

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Bank Scam #7: IRA CDs

Bank Scam #7: IRA CDs I searched on for the best rates on IRA CDs. The results were poor to say the least. If you lock your money up for a year, Citibank is paying an interest rate of 0.2%. So I ran some quick math and found out it would take approximately 350 years to double your money in their 1-year CD. Wells Fargo is paying 0.05%. Again, if you run the math, […]

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