Cast your vote: “Everyday is Bank Transfer Day”

Bank Transfer Day was November 5th 2011. And yesterday alone, 1,000’s of Americans left big banking. Today, 1,000’s more will leave. And tomorrow 1,000’s more Americans will leave big banking…many of them for good. Both Conservatives and Liberals are leaving too. It is good to see that this is one issue we can all agree upon.

Even Sandy Weill, former Chairman (and creator) of Citigroup is abandoning big banking. Weill commented, “There is such a feeling among people, among regulators, among the political system all over the world, against the banking system, and I don’t think that’s going to change so soon.” Weill even stated that we should break up the big banks – to protect the taxpayers.

Yesterday, I even had to update my blog for the number of ATM’s within the Bank of America network, after BofA reduced the amount of ATM’s from 18,000 to 16,200. Being a customer of Bank of America is not just becoming more expensive, but it is even now less convenient.

Yes, Bank Transfer Day (2011) worked like a charm. 1.3 million Americans left big banking, and another 667,000 left in the first quarter of 2012. The good news is that people are leaving banks more educated of WHY they are leaving. They actually understand the advantages of leaving and how it could benefit them and their community. And although there is no official Bank Transfer “Day” in 2012, according to Kristen Christian, the creator of Bank Transfer Day, “Everyday is Bank Transfer Day.” America seems to agree.

This blog is not about banking vs. credit unions. It is not about Bank Transfer Day. This blog is about providing education to Americans about how money works, so they can make better-informed decisions to improve their finances. It just so happens that America has been diagnosed with Financial Cancer, and I believe the cause of the cancer is the perpetual debt system built by the World Bankers. As we don’t know yet if the cancer is terminal, I am asking for your help.

I am simply asking that you spread to word to everyone you know to cast-a-vote either for, or against big banking. And casting your vote is simple.

In watching the movie Food Inc. (2008) I learned that all Americans essentially cast-a-vote everyday, even when shopping at the local grocery store. If we purchase good quality, chemical-free food, we are actually supporting farmers that also believe in providing chemical-free food to Americans and the rest of the world. We also send a powerful message to Wall Street each time we shop about the things that we support, and the things that we do not. Fortunately, in a free-enterprise economy, we have the power to change anything, as long as good people actually decide to do something to cause the change.

You have essentially two votes.

  1. “I support big banking.”  By simply doing nothing and leaving your money in a big bank, you are sending a message that says “I support big banking. I feel they are working in the best interests of me, my family, and my community.”
  2. “I don’t support big banking.” By moving your money you are saying, “I don’t support big banking. I feel my money would be better used if within a local, community-driven credit union.”

Essentially, I believe that we all have the power to cause the change that we hope to happen. But we must simply decide to take action, rather than stand by and do nothing.


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2 Responses to Cast your vote: “Everyday is Bank Transfer Day”

  1. Lynn Hylton July 26, 2012 at 3:13 pm #

    I just opened my Wescom Credit Union checking and savings account after being with Citibank for 23 years! Thanks for spreading the word Mark! Everyone should watch “Inside Job”….if that doesn’t change your mind about big banks I don’t know what will!

    • mark July 27, 2012 at 1:51 am #

      Awesome news! Great to hear you made the switch. Change is really about lots of people simply doing a little bit…

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