Oprah Interviews Donald Trump in 1988

Oprah interviews Donald Trump in 1988 (I was 11 years old)

This is not a political blog. I have had posts about Elizabeth Warren and Bill Maher, both Democrats, and have quoted Ron Paul, a Libertarian in my book.

I simply found this video fascinating–watching a young Oprah and Donald Trump discuss how America is being ripped off by the rest of the world, and if Donald ever ran for president, why would he do it?

It is November 9th, one day after the election, and my biggest hope is that Trump will do what he says and unite the country, and fix our derailed economy. I am concerned that as a country we will be 20 trillion dollars in debt, yet the government continues to spend billions it does not have, with no solution to keep our country from eventual bankruptcy.

Love him or hate him, I hope this video gives you a different perspective of the man that will be leading this great country–and for the next four years shaping the economy of the entire world.


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