Elizabeth Warren: Fraud at Wells Fargo

By Mark Quann

Elizabeth Warren exposes fraud at Wells Fargo–while destroying a top Executive!

As much as I love this video, this executive made 200 million dollars–while pressuring employees to “cross-sell” customers to push profits to Wall Street and no high level executives will be held accountable. This is just another case where a megabank can rob the American public, commit massive fraud, then place the blame on low-level employees.

Please forward this link to anyone that is a customer of Wells. Encourage them to read Rich Man Poor Bank, and leave Wells for a credit union.

And please post this on your Facebook page for all to see!

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2 Responses to Elizabeth Warren: Fraud at Wells Fargo

  1. Ty September 28, 2016 at 3:12 am #

    I’m so glad, I screamed at them, so many times, telling them, I never opened an account or 2, & they’re told me, if I closed my accounts, they would charge me fees,…Karma

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